Ship Husbandry

You need a reliable agent during your port call to take care of husbandry services. We surely satisfy your needs through our strong links to local service providers and port & immigration authorities along with the skills of our team to deliver well-coordinated, cost-effective and on-time services.


The range of services we provide includes – but not limited to – the following:

1- Cash to Master: We safely transfer payments to master or crew.

2- Crew Care: We provide a comprehensive range of crew service arrangements / procedures on your behalf, including:

    • Reception and assistance.
    • Visa entry, immigration, custom authorities, etc.
    • Delivery of crew mail and courier packages.
    • Sign on / off.
    • Shore passes.
    • Travel and internal transportation.
    • Hotel accommodation.
    • Medical care.

3- Supplies & Maintenance:

    • Provisions and fresh water.
    • Bunker fuels, lubricants and chemicals.
    • Spares clearance and delivery.
    • Ship repairs, maintenance, tank cleaning, and garbage disposal.

4- Follow-up & Administration:

    • Follow-up activities with workshops, contractors, etc.
    • Inward / outward clearance of ships.
    • Liaison with local authorities and communications assistance.

5- Parcel clearance and delivery arrangement to / from the vessel.

We provide a comprehensive report entailing all services and spares provided. When handling our services, we ensure safety, comfort, efficiency and very competitive rates.