Import & Export

Fouad Talaat For import and export institution plays a vital role in import and export field, through providing different kinds of products from vegetables and fruits to minerals and fertilizers. Also, we help our Clients and owners of products in Egypt to ease marketing of their products worldwide through our partners around the Globe.

One of our main marketing and exporting products is rock phosphate (Ca10(PO4)6(X)2, where X is F−, OH− or Cl), Egypt is one on the largest producer of the rock phosphate in the world. Phosphate rock is extremely rich in essential nutrients to ensure vibrant, healthy plants. These fertilizers are also known as “rock dust” due to the rock minerals in them. Using phosphate rock fertilizers is a common practice for encouraging healthy blooms and vegetables. If you have flowering perennials in your garden, they’ll love an application of phosphate rock at the beginning of the season. The high mineral content will result in huge, colorful blooms. If you’re growing a vegetable garden, you will have to take stronger measures to ward off pests and diseases. Thankfully, phosphates help in reducing pests and enhance the flavor and yield of your vegetable crops. Powdered rock phosphate is excellent for crops like coffee, tea, apples, rubber, and citrus. Their soil conditions can tolerate the direct application of the fertilizer.

Silica sand, is one of the widely used product by companies involved in oil and natural gas recovery in conventional and unconventional resource plays. The resource is also used in industrial processing to make everyday items such as glass, construction materials, personal care products, electronics, and even renewable materials. Two main locations of high quality silica sand 1st, Zaafrana red sea and the 2nd, north and south Sinai , The reserves in Zaafrana area and Sinai are over thousands millions ton of high quality silica sand.


Talc powder, Which is used in Paints – Ceramics – Chewing gum – Coating – Cosmetics – Cables – Paper – Plastics – Body powder


Also, products as Gypsum which is used in manufacture of wallboard, cement, plaster of Paris, soil conditioning, and a hardening retarder in Portland cement

Iron oxides, which is found in Aswan, Sinai and western desert and used in Iron/Steel Feedstock, Pigment Production and Magnetic Tape Manufacturing.


we take exportation and marketing for the highest quality of different kinds of fruits and vegetables in the market our responsible such as and not limited to:

1 – Garlic :


2 – Onion :


3 – Oranges :


4 – Watermelon :


5 – Pomegranate :


6 – Strawberries :


7 – Grapes :


All these products and more we supply and export to our Global Clients with the required specification, highest quality and with the most competitive prices, carrying our clients business as our own, having their satisfaction and building a long trusting successful business relationship is always our priority.