We are providing professional shipping agency services including: Port Agent, Ship Husbandry, Suez Canal Transit and Freight Forwarding & Logistics.

Our customers get the highest levels of service through the experience and local knowledge of our professional team along with an efficient networking with different maritime associates and stakeholders.

Our operations cover all ports throughout Egypt; Alexandria, Suez, Port Said, Damietta and Red Sea, in addition to Suez Canal Transit.

We will be much honored to be your local representative to ensure your fleet or vessel enters / leaves port or passes Suez Canal as quickly and efficiently as possible without incurring unnecessary delays and additional costs. We will be taking care of all services you need either for your vessel or your crew.

Provision and deck store supplier

Your vessel’s need for provisions, deck store etc… is our duty to provide at any Egyptian port and with the most competitive, ex of our previous operations

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International bunker trader

Till today, we have supplied various types of Vessels for different time of calls and at different ports

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Products Specifications

all specifications & information about the supported products

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Husbandry & Stevedoring Services

Our team with his strong relationships with the local supplies and authorities, can provide a quick, accurate at most economic services, such as – but not limited to- the following:

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Suez Canal Transit

In addition to serving vessels at all the Egyptian ports, we also handle operations to all kinds and sizes of vessels transiting the Suez Canal properly and smoothly.

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Import & Export

Fouad Talaat For import and export institution plays a vital role in import and export field, through providing different kinds of products from vegetables and fruits to minerals and fertilizers. Also, we help our Clients and owners of products in Egypt to ease marketing of their products worldwide through our partners around the Globe.

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Shipping Agency

We act as a shipping agency, offshore agency for all kind and sizes of ships at all Egyptian ports as well as Suez, serving all kinds and sizes of ships during the transit of Suez Canal and as protecting agent.

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Ship Broker & Chartering

We can cover your requirements of shipments whatever the size and the kind.

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Logistics Services

We are providing a professional Shipping/ Logistics services as Sea and Air Freight, Customs Clearance, Trucking :

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