Engineer Fouad Talaat


A highly graduate of mechanical engineering with a decent long record in service of the Egyptian armed force as engineering officer. He started his group “Fouad Talaat Group of companies which begin with “General for shipping agencies and marine services and investment S.A.E.” then her sister company joined “General Marine for logistics services, import and export L.L.C”.

The group gained its reputable position in the market in remarkable time, as engineer Fouad utilized his knowledge in business administration and project management which was educationally based along with his long experience. Also, beyond a shadow of a doubt his bachelors and diplomas of media information, crisis management and different others as operations, supply chain and strategic planning certificates enriched his experience enabling him to market for his group widely around the Globe and gaining his partners and clients trust for overcoming any future obstacles and challenges.

Engineer Fouad is not only a respected successful business man and he didn’t settle to be known around the Globe only but also his developed communication and leadership skills made him a quite leader to follow and trust among his employees and colleagues.

Engineer Fouad Talaat proved that a dedicated, hard-worker, dignified leader can become an icon, role model in the successful business field not just in his country and worldwide as well.