Fouad Talaat for import and Export Institution

“Fouad Talaat for Import and Export Institution” one of Fouad Talaat group companies which are:

  • General for shipping Agencies, Marine Services and investment Group S.A.E.
  • General Marine Egypt for logistics services, import and export L.L.C.
  • Fouad Talaat for Import and Export institution.

“Fouad Talaat for Import and Export Institution “ based in Alexandria starting and completing the supply chain with her sister companies in the group.

Whatever you need, wherever it is, we got your back. We import and export from everywhere around the globe from food to all types of fertilizers and spare parts for any type of projects.


For Example:

Zinc 99.995 to 99.999, Alfalfa, Cosmetic Tools And Bottles, Flash Lights, Apple, Grapes, Onion, Strawberries Quartz, Iron Oxide, Talc Powder, Phosphate and much more mentioned in the company brochure.


All these products and more we supply and export to our Global Clients with the required specification, highest quality and with the most competitive prices, that carrying out our clients’ business as our own, safe guard their interests, having their satisfaction and building a long trusting successful business relationship is always our priority.

Import and export:

To add after iron oxide topic the following:

One of our main imported industrial products is zinc with purity from 99.995 to 99.997 from the world well-known companies and factories.